1.5 Layer forming fabric

1.5 Layer forming fabric

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The ideal 1.5 layer forming fabric for most paperboard and packaging grades applications,  especially where a smooth top surface and long life potential are desired. In addition,  Clean mesh yarn technology provides maximum resistance to premature fabric contamination.

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1. According to the weaving, forming wire fabric can be divided into 3-shed, 4-shed. According to the category, it can be divided into one and a half layer, double layer and rectangular wire fabric. According to the joining mode, it can be divided into insert, pin, pin ring and spiral ring join.
2. 3-shed one layer and a half are suitable for drying papers below 70g.
3. 4-shed double layer fabric is suitable for drying papers above 70g.
4. flat wire dryer fabric is suitable for the fore several heating box of the drying zone, quality papers can use all.

Parameters of polyester paper machine 1.5 layer forming wire fabric for paper mill


Note: Customized based on customers’ requirement


1.Excellent fiber support
2.Good Sheet formation & tensile strength
3.Excellent guiding and dimensional stability
4.Cleaner running

Technical Process



Polyester forming screen widely used in papermaking, industry drying, composite fabric production, food and medicine drying, transportation and other industries, the emergence of spiral nets effectively ensure the continuous production of modern industrial equipment, greatly improving production efficiency.

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paper making machine speed 1000m ,160g, kraft paper


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