Defoamer F8100

Defoamer F8100

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Physical and chemical properties

Appearance: white emulsion
Density (20 ℃, g/cm3): 0.95-1.0
Viscosity (25 ℃, MPA · s): ≤300
Ionic: weak anion
PH: 6.0-8.0

Performance and characteristics

1. It has strong defoaming and antifoaming performance, and lasts for a long time.

2. It does not interfere with the performance of other papermaking chemicals in pulp. It can remove bubbles in pulp and white water, effectively improve online dehydration, improve wet strength of paper, reduce pinholes and bubbles on paper surface, reduce paper breaking frequency and improve production efficiency.

3. Itcan effectively improve the retention rate of fine fiber and filler, and reduce the consumption of other paper-making chemicals and fiber chemicals.

4. It can be completely soluble with water, without amino compounds, silicon, oil and other chemical components causing resin barrier, and it does not pollute forming net and wool cloth, and improves the service life of fabric.

Scope of application

1. Eliminate air bubbles in the wet end of paper making.

2. It is suitable for the production process of low gram re smelling paper and cultural paper.

3. It is suitable for the production process of special paper with additives (wet strength agent, sizing agent in pulp, etc.).

4. It is suitable for the water treatment process of semi permeable membrane method, and will not affect cod.

usage method

1. The degassing and antifoaming properties with strong surface activity can be achieved by adding a small amount of paper. It is suggested to add 50-300g/ ton paper.

2.It can be added to any position of the white water receiving plate, front reading tank or outside the machine. The best addition quantity and place can be determined according to the paper type, the use of paper-making AIDS, production speed and the slurry air content.

3. It can be directly added with the metering pump or diluted with an online mixer.

4. the product is easy to dissolve in cold water and warm water, and can be emulsified after simple mixing. It is recommended that the dilution ratio of defoamer and water is 1:3 when diluting and adding. Too much water will affect the storage and use stability of the product.

5. The interference of cation chemicals must be avoided during the use. If there is any remaining, the packing cover shall be covered in time.

Packaging and storage

According to the customer’s requirements, we can provide 200kg, 1000kg plastic barrel packaging. Store in a cool, dry, dark place, above zero degree indoor storage.

Shelf life: 6 months (stored at room temperature).

Product operation and safety guidelines

Please read the product safety instructions. When using other chemicals in the text, please obtain relevant safety technical data and take appropriate safety precautions.

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