Double Layer Forming Fabric

Double Layer Forming Fabric

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The structure of the double layer forming fabric is generally a double-layer weft structure, and the manufacturing method is seam (H) [type]. Compared with single-layer forming mesh, the warp and weft density is higher. The structure of the two-layer forming net is more stable in size. The diameter and material type of single-face and machine-face weft can be selected independently, which can improve the life of the paper-making wire. The 8-shed double-layer forming fabric includes one group of longitudinal fiber shed and two group of transverse fiber shed. This allows fine fibers to be retained on the top layer, and thicker fibers are woven at the bottom to help obtain better paper forming characteristics. It is suitable for the production of medium and high-grade cultural paper, kraft paper and thin paper. Suitable for medium and high speed paper machines.

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16-shed double and a half layer polyester forming fabric :

On the basis of double layer , it use 8- shed attached supporting weft as weaving type clinging to paper surface, thus it can increase the retention rate of fiber and filler ,it use thick diameter monofilament as bottom weft clinging to paper machine and use the manner of 16-shed as one group longspan double warp press weft ,then it increase the stiffness of the fabric and bowedweft of bottom weft and increase contact surface for fabric and dewatering clements for paper machine. It mainly run on medium-high speed machines,and has flat structure surface with stable performance and long service life potential etc. Apply on these paper grades,such as corrugated paper,Kraft-liner paper, Coated duplex board and so on.


Weaving series&types Model of Fabrics Wirediameter (mm) Density (wire/cm) Strength (N/cm) Permeability(m³/㎡h)
Warp Weftaralle Warp WeftWeft Area of the Surface surface
16-shed two and a half layer forming fabric 365016 0.28 0.20,0.27/0.50,0.50 37-38 31-32 ≥1200 8500
424516 0.25 0.20,0.25/0.45,0.45 48-49 42-43 ≥1250 8000
562516 0.18 0.13,0.18/0.25,0.25 57-58 46-47 ≥1500 6500
563516 0.20 0.13,0.25/0.35,0.35 56-57 61-62 ≥1500 7000
602516 0.18 0.13,0.20/0.25,0.25 62-63 55-56 ≥1500 6200
603516 0.20 0.13,0.25/0.35,0.35 61-62 52-53 ≥1500 6300

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