dryer fabric detail

dryer fabric detail

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1.Easy to keep clean and convenient to seam.
2.Compared with knitted mesh, the wear surface is longer and the service life is longer.
3.It is not easy to produce dry net marks, and it is easy to repair when damaged.
4. Larger air permeability can meet the needs of efficient drying.
5. The special material spiral dry net also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high wear resistance and aging resistance.

Spiral dryer fabric screen

In its paper machine clothing production base , factory has  33000 square meters , annual production capacity can get 1000000 sqm. Jingxin fabric’s forming fabric all used the German"Perlon" brand high quality impomonofilament , and Dryer screen will used Portugal "Filkemp" brand mono-filament. In Jingxin, to produce high quality products, we introduced the most advanced 5 sets Sweden TEXO fully automatic rapier loom, 14.5 meters hot setting machine, 16 meters German Jürgens weaving machine , Austrian WIS full automatic seaming machine, etc.

Production workshop

Precise weaving, control quality from the foundation (5)

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