Filling pre flocculation enhancer KS-300

Filling pre flocculation enhancer KS-300

short description:

Ks-300 is a product applied in the field of filler pre flocculation technology. The technology mainly aims at the pre flocculation modification of filler, which can improve the filling amount of filler, thus saving more fibers, and significantly improving the profitability and sustainable development of paper enterprises.

The pretreatment of fillers is to flocculate and wrap the fillers with special chemicals, and then add them to the wet end sizing system of papermaking by mixing pump. Ks-300 is suitable for the treatment of heavy calcium carbonate (GCC), talc powder, titanium dioxide and other fillers.

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The advantages of pre flocculation technology are as follows:
1. Better filler retention;
2. Improve wet end condition (white water circulation system is better);
3. The strength of the paper is enhanced and the quality of the paper is improved.

Physical properties:

Chemical properties: Modified polyacrylate aqueous solution
Appearance: Clear yellow liquid
PH: 3.0 ± 1.0 (at 25℃)
Specific gravity: 1.25 ± zero point one
Solid content: ≥ 40.0% (150 ℃, 2 hours)
Viscosity: ≤ 2000 CPS
Charge: Amphoteric


The range of dosage is 0.1-0.5% / dry weight calcium carbonate. Online addition is carried out through continuous dosing equipment. The actual consumption is determined by the production of the paper machine.

Packaging and storage:

1000kg / T packaging, cool and dry environment, shelf life of 12 months.

Safety instructions:

Under the correct operation, ks-300 will not have any harmful effects on human health. Please refer to MSDs for detailed safety operation instructions.

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