Filter Fabric

  • Sludge Dewatering Filter Mesh Conveyor Belt

    Sludge Dewatering Filter Mesh Conveyor Belt

    It is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly net mainly used for sludge dewatering in papermaking wastewater treatment plants. Due to its unique herringbone design structure, the sludge is compressed It is easy to peel off after filtration, so it is easy to clean, the water filtration effect is fast, the stability is strong, and the abrasion resistance is good. It is suitable for municipal domestic sludge, press filtration of sludge from various industries and enterprises, paper pulp squeezing, concentrated fruit juice squeezing and other special industries. According to the different types of materials handled by each industry, there are also differences. We will have a professional technical team to choose the right mesh type for you.