H3001 special chelating agent for pulping and bleaching

H3001 special chelating agent for pulping and bleaching

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The chelating agent for pulp bleaching has a strong ability of capturing and dispersing metal ions. It can chelate with various multivalent metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, lead, zinc, iron and chromium in a wide range of pH value, and form water-soluble chromium complex which can maintain stability especially in alkaline medium and high temperature. Thus, the metal ions in the process of pulp bleaching caused by reaction precipitation scaling, bleaching agent invalid decomposition, pulp yellow and other adverse consequences. At the same time, it can protect pulp fiber and increase the dispersibility of bleach.

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Physical properties

Exterior: cream or light yellow liquid
PH: 3 ± 2 or 12 ± two
Chelate value: chelate value (calculated by CaCO3) ≥ 100mg/g iron chelating value: ≥ 200mg/g

Product characteristics

1. It can effectively inhibit the catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite bleach caused by metal ions, improve bleaching efficiency, save bleach and reduce bleaching cost.
2. It has strong capture ability and dispersion effect on fe3+ ions, avoids the reaction of fe3+ ions with phenol group in pulp to form deep color complex, protects fiber, improves pulp whiteness and reduces pulp yellowing.
3. It can effectively organize the metal ions such as calcium and magnesium to form sediment by chemical reaction during pulp bleaching, so as to prevent the scaling of system equipment and pipelines, and gradually remove the original scale of rinsing system.
4. It has certain dispersing ability, which can improve the dispersibility of sodium silicate.
5. Protect pulp fiber and prevent NaOH from damaging the fiber.
6. Compared with traditional DTPA and EDTA, it has good cost performance.

How to use

Recommended dosage: 5-20 kg / t paper; The amount of paper can also be increased or decreased according to the paper demand. The position of addition is selected where the slurry can be fully mixed. Generally, it is selected to add in the batching tank, high-level box or the inlet of the pulp pump. Product dilution is please dilute with water, the dilution ratio is generally 10-30 times. Add the product slowly in the stirring state (high viscosity of the product, do not pour it in one time). After the dry strength agent is completely dissolved and diluted, the residual water can be supplemented.

Packaging and transportation

This product is packed in 200kg plastic bucket and 1000kg packing bucket, which can also be customized according to the requirements of customers.

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