LBA3000L α~Biological amylase

LBA3000L α~Biological amylase

short description:

α~Amylase lba3000l was purified from Bacillus subtilis by deep culture and extraction. This product is a liquid enzyme preparation. It is a kind of endoamylase, which can hydrolyze starch, glycogen and their degradation products randomly α~ 1.4 glycosidic bond makes the viscosity of colloidal starch solution decrease rapidly, resulting in soluble dextrin and maltose. Excessive hydrolysis can produce a small amount of glucose and maltose. This product is also widely used in starch, sugar, alcohol, Baijiu, beer, MSG, soy sauce, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing desizing.

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physical property:

Optimum pH: six Figure 1
ph stability: 5.0~9.0 Figure 2
Optimum temperature: 700C Figure 3
thermal stability:< 700C (pH6.0) Figure 4

Fig. 1. PH - activity 40 ℃, 6 min

Fig. 1. PH - activity 40 ℃, 6 min

Fig. 2. PH stability treatment 30 ℃, 24 hours

Fig. 2. PH stability treatment: 30 ℃, 24 hours


Fig. 3. Temperature activity: pH6.0, 6min, 1.3% soluble starch


Fig. 4. Thermal stability: treatment: pH6.0, 1.5mmol/l Ca2 +, 19mmol / LNa

Product features:

1.[product quality standards and specifications]:

main project



brown liquid

enzyme activity


PH value(25℃)


Bulk density(g/mL)


2. [effect of pH]: the stable pH range is 6.0-7.0, the optimum pH is 6.0, and the inactivation is serious below pH 5.0.
3. [effect of temperature]: the product is stable below 60 ℃; The optimum temperature is 65-80 ℃; In the temperature range of 70-90 ℃, the reaction speed and deactivation speed up with the increase of temperature.
4. [effect of calcium ion]: the existence of calcium ion can protect the stability of enzyme activity. Without calcium ion, the enzyme activity completely disappears; Due to the presence of calcium, the pH range of enzyme activity is widened, and the pH range of enzyme activity is narrow without calcium.
5. [inhibitor]: copper, titanium, cobalt and other metal ions have a certain effect on the product, while aluminum, lead, zinc and other metal ions have a strong inhibitory effect on the product.

usage method:

The recommended industrial operating temperature is 70-80 ℃, pH 6.0-6.5; At 95 ℃ for 2-5 minutes, the enzyme activity lost. It can be inactivated instantly at 125 ℃. The amount of enzyme is adjusted according to different industries, raw materials and processes.

Application example:

1. [application in the beer industry]: rice and corn are used as supplementary materials for beer production. First, milling is done through 40 mesh sieve holes, and then amylase is added to the paste pot before adding enzyme (pH6.0) before adding enzyme. The enzyme amount is 200 ~ 300mL per 100 kg adjunct, and the temperature is liquefied for 85~90 minutes at about 85~90 minutes.
2. [application in maltose, glucose and monosodium glutamate]: rice is soaked in water for 1-2 hours in summer and 4-6 hours in winter. After being rinsed with water, it is grinded (starch is directly adjusted) to make 16-17 °ßé Adjust pH 6.2-6.4, add 0.2% anhydrous calcium chloride (according to the weight of raw material), then add amylase (about 350ml enzyme per 100kg raw material), stir well, heat to 85-90 ℃, keep temperature and liquefy for about 30 minutes. The end point of liquefying is when the dilute iodine solution reacts to reddish brown.
3. [application in textile desizing] amylase is suitable for desizing process of textile with starch as sizing agent, especially for silk, chemical fiber, cotton and wool which are not resistant to high temperature. The amount of amylase is generally about 0.13-0.20%, pH 6-7, water bath 40-80 ℃, 20-40 minutes.
4. [application in papermaking industry] lba3000l is an excellent starch conversion agent, which can be used in the production of paper surface sizing starch, effectively reducing the viscosity of starch, making it suitable for sizing coating and improving the surface strength of paper. It can be used for batch conversion and continuous conversion. It is suitable for corn starch and cassava starch. The general dosage is 60-300ppm. The dosage of amylase is adjusted according to the viscosity used.

Packaging, transportation and storage:

This product is packed in non-toxic plastic barrel, 30kg per barrel.
The product does not lose its activity (marked enzyme activity) when stored at room temperature (25 ℃) for six months; It can be stored for one year under 4-15 ℃. In case of a small amount of precipitation, it can be used after stirring evenly, and the effect remains unchanged.
This product is a bioactive substance, sunlight, temperature, humidity will cause enzyme inactivation. Therefore, in the process of transportation should avoid sunlight and rain. The warehouse should be kept clean, cool and dry.

Technical services:

The company's enthusiasm, loyal service for users, and assist users to solve technical problems in the use of products.

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