Modifier RA-1

Modifier RA-1

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Physical and chemical properties

Appearance: colorless transparent solution
Effective content: 22% – 25%
Ionic type: cation
PH value (25 ℃, 1% aqueous solution): 5.0-5.5

Performance and characteristics

The product can soften the base coating, reduce the bonding performance of the base coating and increase the thickness of the coating; It has a good protective effect on the dryer and prolongs the time interval of the dryers; Prolong the service life of the scraper.

How to use it

In combination with dryer coating and stripping agent, spray system is usually used to spray directly on the surface of dryer. The dosage depends on the speed of the car and the grade of the paper. Generally, the dosage is equal to or slightly greater than that of the cylinder stripping agent.

Packaging and storage

25kg sealed bag packaging or special packaging according to customer requirements. Store at room temperature for one year to prevent freezing, moisture-proof and sun exposure.

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