Mp-10 product specification for wood pretreatment

Mp-10 product specification for wood pretreatment

short description:

The special enzyme mp-10 for wood chip pretreatment acts on wood chips, which will reduce the cohesion of fiber, separate S1 layer and S2 layer of fiber cell wall, and the internal structure of fiber cell wall becomes more relaxed, making the fiber easy to absorb water and expand, and the fiber becomes soft. When wood flake is pulping, it is easy to separate the silk, and the pulp energy consumption decreases, and the pulp grinding time is saved and the power consumption is saved. At the same time, the resin shrinkage is caused. The resin is thus forced to break away from the area of cell wall adhesion.

Product Detail

Product Tags


  1. Reduce the amount of chemicals
  2. saving the energy consumption of slurry grinding
  3. Decrease of KP value
  4. Improve whiteness

Physical properties

Appearance: brown to light brown liquid
Smell: slightly fermented
Density: 1.00-1.20g/ml
PH: value 4.5-5.0

Application method

Application method

Applicable process

Dosage added

Raw material spray

Raw material soaking

1. Suitable temperature: 25 ~ 70 ℃, optimum temperature: 40 ~ 60 ℃2. The suitable pH value is 4.0 ~ 9.0, and the optimum pH value is 6.0 ~ 8.0

3. Soaking time: 60-120 minutes

4. Spray time: more than 24 hours

100-300 g / T wood chips

Packaging, storage and shelf life

Packaging: 25kg/ barrel or customized to customer requirements.
Storage: store in the condition of avoiding sunlight and shade.
Shelf life: 6 months under normal temperature.

Toxicity and inactivation

1. Toxic treatment:
In general, contact with the product is non-toxic and harmless, but should avoid ingestion or splashing into eyes and nose.

2. Inactivation method:

  • The activity is lost when pH value is less than 3, pH value is > 9 or temperature is more than 70 ℃;
  • The activity of the pulp grinding section and drying section will be lost in the production;
  • It can also be inactivated by adding oxidant if necessary.

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