P-1 as a papermaking assistant

P-1 as a papermaking assistant

short description:

1. for the supporting penetrant of plant fiber raw materials for papermaking and pulping, wood raw materials (such as poplar, birch, eucalyptus, beech, spruce, Redwood, bamboo, pine leaves, masson pine, wetland pine, torch pine), non wood raw materials (such as straw, wheat grass, longiflower, banana leaf, sisal, sorghum, corn pole, reed, sugarcane slag, cotton, hemp, The deep layer hypertonic agent of rags, etc.
2. it is effective for the following pulping and cooking processes: alkali pulping, sulfite pulping, mechanical pulping, semi chemical pulp and chemical pulp.
3. compared with the previous cooking aids, the new penetrant has obvious improvement effect on shortening the pulping time, improving the pulping efficiency, saving power consumption, saving the auxiliary chemicals and improving the pulp quality. At the same time, the permeability also has obvious improvement in alkali resistance.

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Physical properties

Exterior: cream or light yellow liquid
Active component: ≥ 30.0%
Density (20 ℃): 1.05-1.28g/cm ³
PH: value (1% aqueous solution) 6-8
The penetration force (25 ℃): < 5 seconds can reach 250g/l

Product characteristics

1. The agent is a kind of anthraquinone cooking assistant which can be dissolved in alkali solution and has permeability.
2.Theproduct is soluble in alkali solution, easy to mix with wood slices evenly and penetrate, with fast oxidation-reduction speed and low required environment temperature, so the effect is more than insoluble anthraquinone products and surfactant products without redox function.
3.The product is resistant to high temperature of 200 ℃, and it is resistant to 200g / L strong acid and strong alkali. The cooking aids are suitable for chemical pulping, continuous cooking, DDS, stand pot, steam ball and other production processes.
4. In the process of cooking, sodium sulfide can be replaced, the alkali consumption can be reduced by 1-2 percentage points, the yield of pulp is 1.2-2.5%, the discharge of coarse slag is reduced and the solid content in black liquor can be reduced.
5. The product is a cooking aid for chemical pulp pulping. After use, it can increase production stability and reduce the comprehensive cost of tons of pulp by 25-100 yuan. The product has been widely used by pulp enterprises.

How to use

It is appropriate to take 0.02% – 0.05%

Packaging and transportation

Plastic barrel, 25kg/ barrel, 50kg/ barrel, 200kg/ barrel, 1000kg/ barrel. The product is stored in a cool and dry place in the room for 6 months.

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