Paper Making Chemicals

  • Wrinkle sticking agent zc-3

    Wrinkle sticking agent zc-3

    Wrinkling and cylinder sticking agent is a kind of high positive, low molecular weight polyamine mixture aqueous solution, which is used in the production of household paper. It can form a very strong protective coating on the surface of Yankee dryer, make the paper wrinkle and dry evenly, and give the paper excellent softness.

  • Product manual of bentonite bbt-68

    Product manual of bentonite bbt-68

    Montmorillonite is a kind of bentonite with high content of montmorillonite. After purification and modification, it is a high-quality sodium bentonite. The appearance is powder particles that can flow freely, and the product is white powder.

  • Mp-10 product specification for wood pretreatment

    Mp-10 product specification for wood pretreatment

    The special enzyme mp-10 for wood chip pretreatment acts on wood chips, which will reduce the cohesion of fiber, separate S1 layer and S2 layer of fiber cell wall, and the internal structure of fiber cell wall becomes more relaxed, making the fiber easy to absorb water and expand, and the fiber becomes soft. When wood flake is pulping, it is easy to separate the silk, and the pulp energy consumption decreases, and the pulp grinding time is saved and the power consumption is saved. At the same time, the resin shrinkage is caused. The resin is thus forced to break away from the area of cell wall adhesion.

  • Filtration promoting enzyme WD-3

    Filtration promoting enzyme WD-3

    Filtration promoting enzyme wd-3 is a compound biological enzyme containing penetrant. It can effectively degrade the water-soluble colloidal substances in the secondary fiber to improve the dewatering performance of the pulp and the water filtration capacity of the paper machine, and improve the pulp retention and paper evenness. The improvement of water filtration performance is mainly reflected in the paper product system with dip and OCC as raw materials, such as whiteboard, newsprint, cardboard, high-strength corrugated base paper, etc.

  • Stickies Control Agent ZP-20 Product Manual

    Stickies Control Agent ZP-20 Product Manual

    With its strong cationic nature, ZP-20 can dissociate the anionic garbage in the slurry in the papermaking system (after thermal dispersion or grinding, printing ink, resin and other adhesives will become fine particles) Before re-flocculation occurs, evenly fix the fiber surface and send out the paper machine circulation system to extend the cleaning cycle of the paper machine net and press section and improve the production efficiency of the paper machine (reduce sticky spots on the paper surface and reduce the number of paper machine breaks) .

  • Product specification of dry strength agent MS-1501

    Product specification of dry strength agent MS-1501

    Papermaking dry strength agent ms-1501 is a kind of amphoteric (partial negative) polyacrylamide aqueous solution with network structure, which is widely used in the manufacture of packaging paper and special paper. It can effectively improve the bursting strength, ring crush strength and interlayer adhesion of paper, and has a good auxiliary effect on the retention of fine fiber and one-way retention of paper machine, which can reduce fiber loss and improve the physical strength of paper.

  • LBA3000L α~Biological amylase

    LBA3000L α~Biological amylase

    α~Amylase lba3000l was purified from Bacillus subtilis by deep culture and extraction. This product is a liquid enzyme preparation. It is a kind of endoamylase, which can hydrolyze starch, glycogen and their degradation products randomly α~ 1.4 glycosidic bond makes the viscosity of colloidal starch solution decrease rapidly, resulting in soluble dextrin and maltose. Excessive hydrolysis can produce a small amount of glucose and maltose. This product is also widely used in starch, sugar, alcohol, Baijiu, beer, MSG, soy sauce, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing desizing.