Product manual of bentonite bbt-68

Product manual of bentonite bbt-68

short description:

Montmorillonite is a kind of bentonite with high content of montmorillonite. After purification and modification, it is a high-quality sodium bentonite. The appearance is powder particles that can flow freely, and the product is white powder.

Product Detail

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1.High swelling performance.
2.Great specific surface area, more than 750m2 / g in the case of complete dispersion.
3.It has both yin and Yang.
4.It has high ion exchange capacity and strong adsorption performance.

Physical properties:

Chemical formula: dioctahedral montmorillonite, silicate with diffusion layer
Surface characteristics: Powder, soft, smooth
Whiteness,%: ≥60
Moisture,%: ≤ 12
Smell: no
PH: 9.0-11.0 (5% solids)
Passing rate,%: ≥ 99.8 (passing 325 mesh screen)


Bbt-68 is a high-purity modified sodium bentonite, which is mainly used in the wet end of papermaking in the paper industry. It plays a role of retention and drainage, improves the water filtration performance of the paper machine, improves its retention rate, and improves the uniformity of the paper. The best effect can be achieved when combined with medium and high molecular weight cationic or non-ionic polymers. The product has high whiteness and is mainly used in the production of white paper to avoid the influence of Bentonite on the amount of fluorescent whitening agent.

Storage: store in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture.
Shelf life: 12 months.
Precautions: it is recommended to wear safety glasses when using, pay attention to anti-skid when spilling on the ground, and clean up in time Clean to avoid slipping.
Package: perforated liner paper bag 25kg net weight / package; 800kg net weight / bag, packed in large bags.

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