Product specification of dry strength agent MS-1501

Product specification of dry strength agent MS-1501

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Papermaking dry strength agent ms-1501 is a kind of amphoteric (partial negative) polyacrylamide aqueous solution with network structure, which is widely used in the manufacture of packaging paper and special paper. It can effectively improve the bursting strength, ring crush strength and interlayer adhesion of paper, and has a good auxiliary effect on the retention of fine fiber and one-way retention of paper machine, which can reduce fiber loss and improve the physical strength of paper.

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Appearance: transparent viscous liquid
Viscosity: 2000-12000cps (25 ℃)
Solid content: 15 ± 1%
PH value: 3-5
Ionic: amphoteric


1. Dilute the product online to 15-20 times of dilute solution and pump it to the paper machine feeding point. It can be used under medium and alkaline conditions, and the best effect is when the pH value is 6-8.
2. The adding point is in the mixing tank or pulp forming tank of the paper machine, and added in the thick pulp. Pay attention to the mixing effect of dry strength agent and pulp.
3. Dosage: dry strength agent 10 ~ 50kg / ton paper, or adjusted according to the actual production demand.

Storage: This product should be placed in a cool, dry room, antifreeze, sunscreen.
Shelf life: 3 months (sealed package, room temperature).


it is recommended to pay attention to anti-skid and clean it in time to avoid slipping. The correct use of this product will not have any effect on the body. Please refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for detailed operation and preventive measures.
Packing: 200kg, 1000kg plastic barrel.

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