Product specification of TS-3 filling pre flocculant

Product specification of TS-3 filling pre flocculant

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TS-3 is a kind of pre flocculant for fillers. It can flocculate and strengthen the fillers by special methods, reduce the total specific surface area of fillers, increase the contact surface between fibers, and increase the binding force between fibers, so as to improve the paper strength and quality.

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The advantages of TS-3 are as follows:
1. The paper quality indicators will be significantly improved, such as internal adhesion and tensile strength;
2. Better filler retention helps to reduce production costs;
3. Greatly improve the white water circulation system.


Chemical properties: Modified polyacrylamide
Appearance: Liquid
Ionic: amphoteric Compounds
Specific gravity one point zero five: ± 0.05(25℃)
Viscosity: ≤ 50000 cps (25 ℃, viscometer)   60 rpm)
Solid content,%: ≥ 14 (105 ℃, 2h)
PH: 4.5 ± 1.0(25℃)


1. The general dosage of TS-3 is 0.2  ~ 1.0% by weight of filler;
2. Accurate addition is realized by pre flocculation equipment.

Storage: Store at room temperature, avoid sun exposure.

Shelf life: 12 months (sealed package, room temperature).


It is recommended to pay attention to anti-skid and clean it in time to avoid slipping. The correct use of this product will not have any effect on the body. Please refer to the material safety data sheet (MSDS) for detailed operation and preventive measures.


This product is supplied in 1000kg / barrel.

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