Production Equipment

14.5 Meters Heat Setting Machine

Heat setting machine is designed for strengthening strength of yarn, stable elastic properties & to remove snarling and curling effects, twist setting, stabilizing moisture level in dry yarn, stabilizing the yarn hence better efficiency in bulking of acrylic yarn, dye fixing, dyeing, winding, weaving etc.

Sweden TEXO 13.5 Meters Weaving Machine

Sweden TEXO TCR1110 three-diameter shaft 12.5m loom, the whole machine uses 8 pairs of servo motors to control the crankshaft operation, equipped with DISO DOPPY dobby system. Efficient, stable and high precision, production is fully automatic operation, on-site inspection one by one。 the mesh density error is less than 1%, the weft insertion speed is 100 shuttles/min, suitable for high-end paper production lines with a speed of 1000-2000 m/min.

Austrian WIS Automatic Seaming Machine

The automatic plug-in machine has accurate browning and stable operation, ensuring fast plug-in speed and flat sockets. A number of technical improvements are made on the basis of the original equipment to make the processed products more uniform and reasonable in node distribution; adding a double splitter is more efficient. Equipped with a rotary servo cross thread delivery system, a servo-controlled sley with a wave weft roller, a Stäubli jacquard mechanism, and a maximum speed of more than 4500 double threads/h.

Germany Jurgens 16 Meters World Most Advanced Weaving Machine

The Jurgens weaving machine uses projectiles, entrainers and shuttles to process headless fabrics at the same time. The weft insertion speed can reach 120 picks per minute, and the maximum fabric tension can reach 65,000 N/m. The high-efficiency and high-quality machine produces first-class products.