Quality Control

High quality raw materials, control quality from the source.

The mono-filaments used by Jingxin Technology are imported from Japan, Germany, Portugal and other countries, including German "Perlon", Portugal "FILKEMP", and other well-known international brands. High-quality and stable supply of raw materials allows Jingxin Technology to ensure the high quality of paper-making mesh from the source of production and fundamentally.

Precise weaving, control quality from the foundation

At present, Jingxin Technology all adopts high-grade weaving machines imported from abroad, including the TEXO fully automatic rapier loom made in Sweden, which runs efficiently and smoothly and has extremely high precision, the paper-making mesh’s density error is less than 1%.

In addition, The newly introduced China's first German Jürgens weaving machine, with a width of up to 16 meters, a high degree of automation, and a maximum fabric tension of up to 65000N/M, to ensure the high quality and applicability of the product.

Fully automatic seaming, control quality from the technology.

As we all know, as an important link in the production process of paper-making mash, seaming directly affects the quality of the final product.

Jingxin Technology currently uses the Austrian WIS automatic seaming machine, which has a high degree of automation, precise and efficient seaming accuracy, and the qualified rate of up to 99.5%. It directly determines the road of high quality of Jingxin technology.

Quality inspection, control quality from the details.

Jingxin Technology not only pays attention to the control of production equipment and production personnel, but also pays more attention to the monitoring and inspection of product quality in each production process.

At present, Jingxin Technology has used Switzerland TEXTEST brand portable air permeability tester, American MTS tensile machine, high-quality imported tension meter and other extremely precise monitoring equipment. What’s more, each production process is controlled by senior quality inspectors. It is accurately ensure the quality inspection and monitoring of each batch of products, so that jingxin technology product could become world-class high-quality paper-making mesh.

Packing and transportation, control quality from the safety.

Jingxin Technology adopts four major safety packaging designs, including anti-bending fixed shaft, PVC film, anti-impact PE air cushion film, and high-quality export-specific fumigation-free wooden boxes. Then ensure that all products can be safely and non-loss transported to users at home and abroad.