Retention and Drainage Aid PCF-1

Retention and Drainage Aid PCF-1

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Main ingredients   cationic polyacrylamide

Physical and chemical properties

Appearance       White free flowing particles

Ionic type         cation

Solid content      ≥88%

Soluble         transparent slightly viscous solution (0.5% aqueous solution)

Performance and characteristics

  1. Retention and drainage aid. PCF can increase the retention of web fiber and other wet end additives, accelerate the filtration and dehydration of web, improve the operation of paper machine and reduce the production cost of paper.
  2. Solve the adhesive problem caused by waste paper raw materials. PCF can effectively solve the problem of stickiness through the principles of adsorption, dispersion and flocculation.
  3. Improve starch retention. It can reduce the problem of COD exceeding the standard, and create favorable conditions for the use of starch as interlayer strengthening agent.

Scope of application

  1. in the range of acid and weak alkali pH, the paper and board production are left with fine fibers and fillers, such as printing, writing paper, coated original paper and special paper.
  2. accelerate the filtration of paper or board in the range of acid or weak alkali pH.
  3. it is used in combination with other substances for multi retention system.
  4. white water treatment and fiber recovery.

Usage method

0.1% solution was made with water and then added to the paper near the front box of the screen. The addition amount was 0.01% ~ 0.04% (for the absolute dry pulp).

Packaging and storage

25kg, 50kg paper drum packaging, or according to the needs of customers to provide special packaging, stored in a cool and dry place.

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