SSB Triple Layer Forming Fabric

  • SSB Tri-Layer Forming Fabric

    SSB Tri-Layer Forming Fabric

    The SSB three-layer forming fabric adopts a three-layer structure design of upper, middle and lower. The upper layer adopts a smaller diameter diameter, weft and plain weave structure to improve the retention of fine fibers and fillers, and improve the uniformity and smoothness of the paper sheet. The paper web marks are light and easy to peel off. The lower layer adopts larger diameter wires and weft wires to improve the stability and service life of the forming mesh structure. In the middle, a pair of wefts are used to precisely connect the upper and lower layers into a whole, so that the upper and lower layers do not produce relative twisting and slipping. The three-layer forming fabric has good paper quality, strong dewatering ability, high vertical and horizontal stiffness, good running stability, and long service life. It is widely used on high-speed paper machines. The forming fabric is suitable for the production of high-end newspapers, cultural papers, tissue papers, etc.