Sales team.

Jingxin Technology has a professional and energetic sales team. Each sales member has a professional background related to the paper industry and has undergone strict industry knowledge training. Professionalism, integrity, and enthusiasm are the work goals of every salesperson in the team, and it is a solemn promise to all domestic and foreign users. The sales team of Jingxin Technology works closely with customers, and is committed to bringing high-quality products and services with high added value to each customer, cooperate based quality, and continuous development.

Production team

Jingxin Technology has advanced technological processes and rich production management experience, as well as a large number of skilled production personnel and experienced on-site management personnel. All products produced will be delivered only after strict quality management monitoring. In the hands of the customer. Standardized production process, efficient production efficiency, and strict quality control system ensure that Jingxin Technology can continuously provide world-class products to users at home and abroad.

R&D team

In order to ensure the stability of product quality and continue to develop new products suitable for the development trend of the paper industry, Jingxin Technology also has a strong R&D team. The R&D team is composed of senior technical engineers. On the one hand, it continuously tracks the existing production process and the quality of the finished product, and proposes corresponding improvement suggestions; on the other hand, it continuously collects the latest information on the paper-making market and the innovation of paper-making technology. Develop new products that are in line with market development trends, and provide valuable products for users at home and abroad.

After-sales team

Since its establishment, Jingxin Technology has not only paid attention to the communication and service with users in the pre-sale stage, but also paid more attention to the construction and development of the company's after-sales team. At present, the company has a professional, 24-hour service excellent after-sales service team, which can deeply understand the current problems or demand of each user, and promptly propose professional and complete technical solutions. The after-sales team of Jingxin Technology is committed to always cooperating with the company's sales team and technical team to provide professional, timely, effective and convenient professional services to all domestic and foreign users.