Wrinkle sticking agent zc-3

Wrinkle sticking agent zc-3

short description:

Wrinkling and cylinder sticking agent is a kind of high positive, low molecular weight polyamine mixture aqueous solution, which is used in the production of household paper. It can form a very strong protective coating on the surface of Yankee dryer, make the paper wrinkle and dry evenly, and give the paper excellent softness.

Product Detail

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Basic physical property index

Appearance: yellow to amber transparent solution
Effective content: 14% – 16%
Ionic type: cation
PH value: < 7.0
Viscosity (25 ° C) <100 cps

How to use it

1. This product is especially suitable for paper machine spraying or metering roll coating process. Spraying or roller coating process is adopted, diluted with deionized water, and then continuously and evenly sprayed or roller coated on the surface of the dryer.

2. The specific amount depends on the actual situation (generally affected by the type of paper machine, speed, pulp type, gram weight of paper and many other factors).

3. Packaging and storage:

As this product will freeze, please store in the temperature range of 5-35 ℃ ° C indoor; Avoid direct sunlight. The shelf life is 12 months

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